Monday, October 4, 2010

Would the owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet
find the Suzuki TU250 attractive?

A fellow in Portland, Ore., is selling a very pretty Royal Enfield Bullet on CraigsList, offering to trade it for a Suzuki TU250. I've written about how attractive the TU250 is, and even suggested it is competition for Royal Enfield.

First, I have to note that the TU250 is a far better looking motorcycle in person than the ugly Suzuki catalog art suggests. It actually looks far less upright, and has a lithe, eager appearance. It's a single-cylinder thumper, like the Bullet, with retro touches like spoked wheels, a round headlight, and shiny, tapered muffler.

Naturally, it has the modern conveniences of electronic ignition, five-speed transmission and front disk brake. As the owner of a Biblical Era 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet, I don't really feel you need any of those, of course.

Still, the new Unit Constructed Engine Royal Enfield Bullets come with all those features. In fact, so does the 2006 Electra the guy on CraigsList is offering to trade! So don't give the Suzuki such an advantage here.

The big difference is the suggested retail price: only $3,799 for the 2009 TU250. No price has been announced yet for 2011 models (apparently there was no 2010 TU250). So the little Suzuki thumper is a bargain.

But what, specifically, would, cause the owner of a 2006 Royal Enfield to offer to swap for it?

"Gabe" kindly shared his thoughts with me:

"Hi David, thanks for contacting me and placing my ad on your site. I have only sat on and looked at the TU250 so far. I like the fit and finish and it will do everything I want it to do for short rides and occasional commutes. I will be riding it mostly on two lane county roads with some short runs on the freeway. Once I get one (I love the color of the new one) and ride it for awhile I would love to do a comparison review to post on your blog. Nice blog by the way! I've got you bookmarked and will be in touch."

I'm looking forward to hearing from him, and would like to hear from any of you who have experienced the TU250. Is it worthy? Please leave a comment.

By the way, if you're in the market, Gabe's asking price for his Royal Enfield is quite reasonable.


  1. Anonymous10/04/2010

    I ride a new UCE Enfield and would never consider such a trade. However, the AVL Electra has some issues that would cause many new owners fits. Sprag clutch failure for one. I fully understand the owner's concerns but he might be bailing out just on fear.

    The TU250 is a nice little thumper which I test rode one time. I liked it but declined to buy, even though I had an opportunity this last summer at $3,250 with no shipping/setup charge.

  2. The TU250 lived in my garage for awhile as my friend had bought one and she loved it. It's a smooth and handsome machine and she rode it from a dealer in W. Va., where I located one (they were pretty much sold out in the D.C. area) to northern Virginia on highways.

  3. i learned on this bike, not a bad beginning bike


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