Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Royal Enfield comes with everything you'd wish,
but just be careful what you wish for

A sleek looking 2002 Royal Enfield 500ES is for sale on eBay with a surprisingly frank description by the seller:

"The paint is atrocious. You may not be able to see it in the photos, but there are numerous blemishes all over the bike. No rust on the bodywork, just a less-than-professional paint job in my garage (my first time trying).  I did three coats of automotive lacquer and three coats of clear coat, so it's well protected, just not pretty.  Unless you're going for a dinged-up sort of rough look — which I now insist is what I'd intended all along."

Funny thing is, you can't see this in the photos. Frankly, the bike looks great. It's very clean, with turn signals stripped off and a bar-end mirror. But the seller's warnings don't end with criticism of the paint. He writes:  

"Although the bike has modern electrics, lighting, and controls, it is as (un)reliable and as needful of attention as its 1950s forebears. This motorcycle is an easy way to experience the joy, anger, pride, frustration, obsessiveness, alienation, disappointment, and exhilaration that comes with owning a classic British bike, but without the high cost of entry. This bike has never been the most reliable mode of transportation in my garage, to be sure, but everything is functioning.  Except for the electric starter."

OK, so the motorcycle delivers the full Royal Enfield experience! I'd expect nothing less from one of the original iron barrel models; but the seller still isn't done!

"Full disclosure:  This bike normally kicks over easily when all is in good order, but sometimes it is just a pain to get going if anything is out of whack.  Example:  Last Friday, started on first kick. Monday, 10 kicks.  It has let me down in a parking lot away from home before.  If you don't want to be wrenching on your bike, you probably don't want this one."

Or, maybe you do, especially at the really rather low Buy It Now price: $1,800. The motorcycle is in Falls Church, Va.

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  1. Haha, wow. His description goes so far around the horn that it almost comes back to being endearing.


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