Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Royal Enfield dealer and his mother
star in reality TV show on truTV

Royal Enfield dealer Rick Fairless is the owner of Strokers Dallas, a combination Texas motorcycle shop, tattoo parlor and biker bar. He and his 71-year-old mother are the stars of "Ma's Roadhouse," a riotous (and raunchy) "reality" television show.

The third episode appears tonight at 9 on truTV (the new name for Court TV). The show features Rick's taste in over-the-top choppers, his wife, daughter, and plenty of babes in bikinis.

Look closely and you might spot a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

"Last week we got a bit of visual exposure and will get more as the series moves on," Royal Enfield USA President Kevin Mahoney told me. "Not big, but something. He is a real character and a nice guy. I have been there and can vouch for the reality of the show."

Here's truTV's summary of the show:

"Despite the family squabbles and demanding clients, Rick manages to oversee a shop that, on a weekly basis, creates and modifies stunning, one-of-a-kind choppers, ape hangers, and bikes. Whether it's family drama, a ticking deadline to trick out a six-figure motorcycle, or a huge party to throw, there is always something going on at Strokers, and Rick is always there to make it happen."

Tonight's episode: "It’s the day of the Strokers Ink Anniversary bash, and Rick discovers evidence that a tattoo artist he once fired is now trying to steal his customers. To complicate matters, a health inspector pops in for a surprise visit, prompting a confrontation with Ma. To prevent the place from being shut down, Rick recruits Strokers poster girl, Debbie to smooth things over."

It's not supposed to be Masterpiece Theater, OK?

You can read more at the websites for truTV website Strokers.

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