Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ACE high performance kit for Royal Enfield

The ACE Fireball 535 Royal Enfield High Performance Kit makes your iron-barrel Bullet faster. It's proven. It preserves practical power for street use. And it does not cost as much as you'd guess.

In fact, if you've been naughty and blown your Bullet motor you might even consider it instead of a standard repair.

I've monitored the ACE Performance Bullets project on their really outstanding Yahoo discussion group. If you have a taste for technical details and want to know how to make Royal Enfield Bullets go faster, this is the place to go for answers from Tom Lyons and Sumanth Janardhan.

They're familiar to those who follow Royal Enfield discussion groups as "ace.cafe" and "chumma". Nice guys, and they know a lot: they've been working on this for five years.

I've put off mentioning ACE Performance Bullets on my blog because I was afraid of misunderstanding technical matters. There's now an outstanding summary of the ACE Fireball 535 kit by Paul Crowe on the Kneeslider blog. It includes photos and videos and, perhaps most importantly, a price list.


  1. David,
    Thank you for the warm mention... Checking your blog has been part of my daily morning routine since the bumpy golightly days and it was a pleasant surprise to find myself a part of it the other morning.

  2. Anonymous7/09/2011

    This is Amazing, where can i buy this kit from, i have a 2007 Royal Enfield 500 in INDIA...would love to upgrade it to this
    regards saurabh

  3. Anonymous7/09/2011

    if some one has any clues..pls email me at ss61cav@gmail.com.. thx saurabh

  4. Anonymous10/16/2017

    If your wanting these parts or info on them contact Tom Lyons through Yahoo groups https://groups.yahoo.com/.../AcePerformanceBullets/info


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