Monday, September 20, 2010

2002 Royal Enfield Bullet for sale on eBay
shows exceptional attention to details

Many accessories are available for Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles, but you'll rarely see a Bullet more tastefully adorned than the 2002 500ES offered for sale on eBay by South Florida radio personality Michael Woulfe, of Boca Raton.

Woulfe's lengthy eBay ad describes just some of the accessories he has added (usually to replace some of the lesser lights the factory provides — such as the lights!).

Some of these features you see in the pictures while some, such as improved cables and new battery, you would only appreciate on the road. Engine parts are polished; there is synthetic oil in the oil tank. The wheels have been trued, Woulfe says.

Clever details abound: the enricher lever is operated by a lever on the handlebars, an old-fashioned touch. The rear fender is just a bit deeper cut than stock. He changed the nuts on the horn trim ring to improve its appearance. And the registration number on the front fender actually relates to a real location in the British Isles.

As Woulfe tells the story:

"This bike was originally sold in 2002 by the Royal Enfield dealer in Fort Lauderdale, who's an old friend of mine. It was purchased by someone who didn't understand that this is NOT like a modern Japanese bike. You know, just push the button and go. I think he must have been shocked that its top speed is about 75 miles an hour. So, he traded it in for a modern Triumph.

"I bought it in 2003 from my friend Bob, who owned Triumph of Palm Beach at the time. The original owner had slapped a ridiculously HUGE carb on it, and an electronic ignition and the bike would barely run. It had 211 miles on it and some really goofy-looking chrome junk on it that was just completely wrong for the bike. Luckily, Bob also had all the original parts.

"I put the original carb back on, and found that the electronic ignition was completely backwards, and it's a wonder it ran at all. I correctly set the points, timing, and valve clearance and put the carb at its basic setting, and she fired right up and ran like she just left the factory. She's an absolute joy to ride. Never stranded me in all these years. All the feeling of a classic 1950's bike — but it isn't 50 years old."

Unfortunately, the Royal Enfield Woulfe calls "Liz" (for Queen Elizabeth II) is being sacrificed to a garage clearing effort. He has other motorcycles (and bicycles) and he'd like to be able to squeeze a car in.

Check out his ad. It's one of those eBay ads that really tells you what it's like to own a Royal Enfield.


  1. Any idea of who he found in the UK that specializes in the front fender license plate stamping? I'd like to do similar for my Enfield.



  2. Mike Woulfe replied: "Originally, I was able to get them through TripleC Then in the UK. But, no one seems to be able to find the guy anymore. And - they were EXPENSIVE! About 100 dollars for the 2 front plates, and the one rear. The front plate is 2 pieces that are bolted or clipped together."

  3. Oh, yikes. That's a pretty penny. I guess I'll keep my stick-on graphics from for now. In the meantime I'll check with my Uncle. He works at the BMW motorcycle shop in Oxfordshire. Maybe he'll have a lead for us. I'll report back if I find anything.


  4. Anonymous8/23/2022

    My name is Dan I got a 2002 royal I'm front Akron Ohio is there any one out there or neer me that can help me get my beautiful bike back on the road has ,spark has fuel,has compression now what


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