Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Royal Enfield makes Friends on Facebook

Royal Enfield Motorcycles is now accessible through Facebook. We've met many wonderful Friends since joining the Facebook World, but there has been some pushback as well. One message comes from my friend, screenwriter and wit Douglas Kalajian.

He and his wife Robyn write the cooking blog

He called into question my claim of independence from the Royal Enfield company, and my dedication to "cheerful" news about Royal Enfield motorcycles:

"Congratulations on your venture into the Facebook world. Robyn's had a fan page for a while now, but I've never seen it.

"I wonder how she defined the brand? Cheerful news about overeating?

"I very much like your concept of the truth as you know it. I wonder why The New York Times didn't think of it first? It's absolutely bullet proof, so to speak. You could print pretty much anything and say, "Well, as far as I knew..."

"I was puzzled, though, by your boast that you have credibility because you take so little in the way of graft. I think it would have been more effective if, instead of listing the few bribes you've accepted, you'd listed the stuff you turned down.

"What would that be?

"I mean, really: Why not just list all the stuff you'd love to get?

"Imagine the respect you'd command (and deserve) if you were just honest and said, 'I've been promoting this crappy bike for two years now and all I've gotten are some turn signals. Those cheap bastards back in Peshawar had better wise up or I'm going to stop being so darn CHEERFUL'

"What an audience builder! Even I'd keep coming back so see what kind of loot you'd piled up.

"Of course, it might cost you some self respect..."

Peshawar? Doug is joking; his knowledge of geography is just as strong as his reverence for self respect. What he's advising me, I gather, is this: don't take yourself too seriously.

But don't forget yourself, either.

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