Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Royal Enfield for sale on Hawaiian island
was 'never driven against the wind'

A used Royal Enfield Sixty-5 for sale on Kauai, the "Garden Island" of Hawaii, gets a flowery description in the ad.

The motorcycle, the seller says, was "never driven uphill or against the wind!"

What a terrific expression of the care some owners lavish on their motorcycles. This one "has been meticulously looked after; it is still mechanically and cosmetically new," the seller continues. He writes that he has too many motorcycles, and one must go, but this one was a favorite.

"There should be lots on the island. I can tell you lots about this bike (if you like to talk); call me anytime," he writes. And then he makes an unusual offer:

"If you keep it clean, I will be happy to help you maintain it."

I truly do like his claim that the Royal Enfield was never driven uphill or against the wind. It reminds me of leaving my place of work day after day on my Enfield and having to immediately run at traffic speeds into the prevailing southeast wind. I hated to put that strain on the motorcycle before it was even warmed up.

Silly, really. This is the motorcycle that conquers the Himalayas. It is the rider who feels concern, not the machine.

Certainly, on an island in the Pacific so rugged that no road could be built completely around it, it seems impossible that this seller managed to baby his Royal Enfield so. But, somehow, you know he tried.

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