Friday, August 13, 2010

Royal Enfield Canada adds two new dealers

Royal Enfield CanadaRoyal Enfield Canada continues to add dealers. Royal Enfields will go on sale at Motosport Newman in Montreal, Quebec and at Capital City Toy Store, in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

"This is a very exciting moment for us, since we are now able to sell to Royal Enfield customers nationwide," said Rob McMullen of Royal Enfield Canada.

"Our first year has gone very well; with the opening of 10 dealers nationwide with 13 locations.

"Also, the reception from our customers has been incredible. You can’t drive these bikes anywhere without having someone give the ‘thumbs up,’ or rolling down their window to tell you how much they love your bike, or physically running out of a store when you are stopped at a light to ask if those are the new Enfields. It's brilliant."

According to the Royal Enfield Canada press release:

"MotoSport Newman has been a motorcycle dealer in the greater Montreal area since 1960. Since that time, Motosport Newman has grown, and continues to grow steadily every year. Gino, with the help of his three sons Sergio, Franco and Anthony, continues to excel in giving the best service and value to the customer. In 2002 they took over the South-Shore store on Taschereau Boulevard and in 2008 acquired a store in Pierrefonds.

"Capital City Toy Store was set up to share their motorsport passion with everyone. They pride themselves in working hard and finding unique toys at fair prices guaranteed to add excitement to your life."

New Royal Enfield motorcycles will arrive at the two new dealers "within the next couple of weeks," but orders can be placed now, the company said.

"Demand will be high since this is the first shipment of Royal Enfield motorcycles" into the two regions.

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