Friday, August 27, 2010

Reckless rider brought to justice! FAIL

Don't let your Royal Enfield motorcycle end up on the FAIL blog, I joked, back in May.

I never dreamed that authorities would actually track down the motorcyclist who got FAIL's attention by riding with a barbecue grill wrapped around his body.

Police in Melbourne, Australia, got their man. He's Michael Wiles, 29. The price of becoming famous around the world: $800 (Australian) and loss of his license for one month.

You can read the entire story, by reporter Mega Levy, in The Age.

Wiles turns out to be a true knight of the road, accepting responsibility for his actions and vowing to turn down offers to endorse barbecue grills.

In fact, his gallantry rather casts into a dim light the sleuths who spent time bringing him to bay.

Do they rate a FAIL of their own?

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  1. Anonymous9/07/2010

    At least he wasn't on an Enfield


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