Monday, July 5, 2010

Is a Royal Enfield motorcycle right for you?
Try taking this guy's kitchen sink test

I can hear the steady drip-drip-drip from the kitchen faucet as I write this. It has been leaking for years. I've tried to fix it, but it's apparently an off-brand, and the counter guy at the plumbing store told me he had no gaskets to fix it: "Never seen nothin' like that."

My kitchen sink came to mind when I read the following description of a Royal Enfield Bullet, written by a seller on eBay:

"How do you tell if you're right for a Royal Enfield? Well, do you like to camp out or stay in hotels? Do you fix the sink or call a plumber? There's a difference, and the charm of the Bullet is its minimalism and enriching sense of history. If that describes you — Get ready to ride today!"

That description struck me as just about right. My faucet leaks. To conserve water, I keep a dish pan underneath the faucet while I try to find a fix. (Slathering the worn gaskets with plumber's putty didn't do it.)

"Call a plumber!" the wife said. That was for the first two years. She hasn't mentioned it lately, and may have given up on me.

The eBay seller goes on to describe his motorcycle, a 2008 Military:

"The bike fires right up, but the battery sometimes doesn't want to hold a charge. And let's be clear: It's bare-bones no-nonsense transportation, and these guys are known for being finicky. It's fun, though, and more-affordable transportation is hard to imagine. There is a minor oil leak from an unknown source. Also, note that the sale documents will carry the designation 'TMU' or True Miles Unknown."

"The motorcycle is designed with an old-school military look and feel, so it's no surprise that the paint doesn't shine and chrome isn't prevalent. This bike is in fair to good shape overall, despite some leaked oil on the exhaust."

Drip-drip-drip, my kitchen faucet goes on leaking. Every so often I carry a dish pan full of water out to water the flowers. I'm no better plumber than I am a mechanic. But my Royal Enfield suits me fine.

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