Friday, July 9, 2010

He found a Royal Enfield just like his '59,
but chose the Harley he'd once owned

The man who was looking for a 1959 Trailblazer just like the one he had at age 16 found the motorcycle of his dreams. And then he gave it up, again.

I wrote about Bobby, the fellow in Nashville, Tenn. who was offering cash for a '59 Trailblazer. That's a Royal Enfield Meteor twin, badged as an Indian and sold in the United States. He explained:

"You see, it was my FIRST large motorcycle and I got it from my brother-in-law. I was 16 years old and although I knew it was a 'badged over' Royal Enfield, it really didn't matter, it was MINE and I felt like 'Brando' when I was riding it."

To my surprise, Bobby almost immediately found a Trailblazer like the one he'd had. He wrote:

"I just wanted to tell you how much I thank you for writing the story about my searching for the bike of my younger years, a '59 Indian Trailblazer, and thanks to that story I have located one! Received an email today from a gentleman that has the exact bike I seek and it is in remarkable condition!"

This story has a happy ending, but not exactly the one I expected. Here's the next email I got from Bobby:

"Hi, David,

"I was not able to get the Trailblazer, though it be through no fault of the wonderful gentleman who owns it. I simply had to make a very tough decision between his bike and one I owned and restored 30 years ago.

"The very day I first spoke to Mr. Blair (the owner) I received a call telling me of a '47 Knucklehead with a sidecar that was for sale due to a death in the owner's family. When my kids were small I would ride them around in the one I had, also with sidehack, so I immediately became interested.

"Fast forward one week, I went to see it and it WAS MY OLD HARLEY! I was amazed at the condition, just a little oily and dirty but nonetheless it was THE ONE!

"The decision was made for me when my younger daughter said 'you could ride Ava (her daughter) and me around just like you did when Alison (her sister) and I were small .'

"What was I to do? I wanted the Indian but the feelings I remembered from those many years ago with my kids won out. I have the old Harley back and I'm doing a museum grade restoration prior to riding it anywhere.

"Enclosed are a few photos of it and I'm sure you'll understand why I chose it over the Indian."

And, indeed, the pictures show a splendid motorcycle.

It's amazing how things work out, sometimes, isn't it? As Bobby put it:

"Just proves that perseverance and a little 'luck' can sometimes be all you need!"

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