Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wanted: Your 1959 Indian Trailblazer

Here's an unusual "wanted" ad for a rare Royal Enfield motorcycle:

"Searching for a 1959 Indian Trailblazer motorcycle. Made by Royal Enfield and 'badged' as an Indian. You'll know what I mean if you have one. CASH AWAITS. Serious only."

The ad appeared on CraigsList, in Nashville, Tenn.

I could think of only two reasons the advertiser would be looking for a specific year of a specific model of one of the rarest Royal Enfield models ever made — a model that didn't even bear the name Royal Enfield!

1. This was someone who had one 1959 Trailblazer and needed another for parts to restore it.


2. Here was someone who'd had a 1959 Trailblazer and was seeking to rekindle those memories.

It turned out to be the second reason. Here's the reply "Bobby" sent me:

"No, I don't mind telling you why I want a '59 model. You see, it was my FIRST large motorcycle and I got it from my brother-in-law. I was 16 years old and although I knew it was a 'badged over' Royal Enfield, it really didn't matter, it was MINE and I felt like 'Brando' when I was riding it.

"For a young boy that was raised in the country and didn't get to see a lot of the world, it was my 'imagination machine.' I am diligently seeking this brand and model and money will not be an object (within reason) if I can find the right bike.

"I have literally had countless Harleys and right now I have three ('05, '09 and a '65 Panhead) and the Indian holds the fondest spot in my heart. Thank you for your question."

How can you beat that? If you've got a 1959 Trailblazer that truly needs a good home, contact Bobby through the email address on his ad.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2013

    i have indian trailblazer -59 700ccm
    -i can sol sell..how mucht euros
    0400953033 (finland)

    1. I've been looking for the same bike. My father had this bike back when he and my mother started dating and he always spoke more than fondly of it to say the least. If anyone knows where I might be able to locate one, please give me a call. Even if this message is still up in 10 years, calls would be welcome. Thanks.


  2. Anonymous5/04/2016

    I have an all-original, complete, non-restored 1959 trailblazer with clear title in my name...licensed and insured. Runs and rides good. 1-501-944-3276


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