Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Royal Enfield's California dealers
to include some legendary shops

New Royal Enfield motorcycles becoming available in California is big news. It's interesting that some of the businesses chosen to represent Royal Enfield are already local legends in their home towns.

Case in point: there is a very complete interview with Art Guilfoil, co-owner of Doug Douglas Motorcycles on the Dealer News web site.

"There’s a sense of history that oozes from the 47-year-old shop that sits at the base of Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains, in the city of the same name. It’s the thing that makes this Triumph and Royal Enfield shop feel more like a clubhouse and less like a dealership," according to writer Dennis Johnson.

You'll find a link to the complete Dealer News article on Jorge Pullin's blog, My Royal Enfields.

It's well worth reading. Not only do Guilfoil and co-owner Danny Manthis revere the history of their store, they've survived into the very difficult motorcycle market of today, and they have a plan to go forward.

This seems like a very good sign for Royal Enfield.

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  1. Hi David....just wanted to let you and the Royal Enfield fans who read your blog know that I am one of those enthusiasts myself. I'm co-owner of Doug Douglas Motorcycles and I was really surprised to see your mention of us when I was doing some online reading today.
    Like everyone else it seems we're really excited to be on the verge (finally) of having Royal Enfield here, again. I say again because the very first brand that we carried was Royal Enfield in 1962. Seems like the old is indeed new again!


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