Monday, April 19, 2010

Royal Enfield motorcycles made in India,
but you won't need a Hindi phrase book

Royal Enfield motorcycles are built today in India, so it naturally follows that Hindi speaking residents of the United States would be interested in reading about Royal Enfield motorcycles on this blog.

Right? Well, I hope so, anyway. And the U.S. Census Bureau apparently hopes so as well.

An advertisement offering a Hindi Assistance Guide to filling out the U.S. Census forms this year appeared briefly here on my blog. My wife Bonnie was quick enough to make a screen shot of it for proof.

The robots that place Google ads are pretty smart. But not brilliant.

I noted recently that many of the followers of this blog are residents of India. That is wonderful, but it is of no interest to the U.S. Census Bureau. It presumably only cares about Hindi speakers who reside in the United States. I doubt that this applies to many of my readers, although it may apply to some.

But, then, there's this: anyone already reading this blog would have no trouble reading and understanding English, regardless of where they live.

The ad probably got few or no clicks. Still, I am delighted to have had the ad from the Census Bureau appear on my blog.

If nothing else, it is a welcome relief from all the Toyota ads and ads for Google's phone.

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