Thursday, April 1, 2010

Royal Enfield is ugly, needs paint and leaks,
but seller says you're still bound to like it

Telling people your Royal Enfield motorcycle leaks oil might not be the best way to sell it. But here's an ad by Nick, who not only poses his motorcycle over oil-spotted cardboard, he boasts about it:

"Leaks oil, needs a paint job, dirty, ugly and a blast to ride. you will get many people to ask you what it is. It has been a great first bike and I want something bigger."

And that's not all. He continues, adding insult to injury:

"Please read up on these bikes, they are not without faults — they require a lot of maintenance and day to day checks, to ensure that they will run good. Don't bother looking at it if you want something low maintenance.

"The shifting is another story, it is very... different; you have to learn how the bike will let you shift."

You have to admire the honesty, but there's something more here, too. It's a notion that motorcycles can look good even when they look like they earn their keep.

This one is a 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ES in Dublin, Ohio, with 6,800 miles, four-speed transmission, 500cc single-cylinder engine. Leather spring bobber style seat, flat black paint, Sparto aftermarket tail light, aftermarket turn signals. Nick is asking $1,800.

"I have been driving it to work 30 miles round trip every day; it has been nice," he says. Good for him.

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