Monday, March 15, 2010

Royal Enfield California dealership
already drawing attention to the C5

California is a great state for motorcyclists and it is going to be great for Royal Enfield. You can just feel it.

"Took the C5 to the Rock Store today," the new Royal Enfield of Los Angeles dealership reported, on its Facebook fan page. "Created quite a buzz while there. Some thought it was a restored classic. Another rider showed up on an old style Bullet 500."

For more than a decade, you could buy a new Royal Enfield anywhere in the United States except California. Now, thanks to the new Unit Constructed Engine and fuel injection, Royal Enfields are going to be available for sale there soon. The state's great coast and canyon roads will make a terrific setting for the Last Great British Motorcycle (from India).

The Rock Store is a pretty nice backdrop, itself. It calls itself the most famous motorcycle stop in Southern California and says it has been featured in many commercials, films, music videos, television productions and magazine photos. According to its web site:

"Ed and Vern (Veronica) moved to Southern California from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after World War II. They stumbled across this building, made entirely out of volcanic rock, which had been a stagecoach stop in the 1910s. They purchased this 'Rock Store,' in 1961, and created a small town grocery store out of it...

"Among the attractions are the rustic settings, celebrity sightings, hundreds of bikes to look at, poker runs, and of course the food and drinks. The Rock Store is most popular for their hefty breakfasts, BBQ Tri-tip Sandwiches, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, Homemade Chili and Soups, and who can forget those ice cold beverages?"

The Rock Store is at 30354 Mulholland Hwy., Cornell, California.

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