Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We want to buy Royal Enfield accessories

I would like to see more ads for motorcycle accessories that fit Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Royal Enfield motorcycles interest me and writing about them is my hobby. The ads scattered about this blog are chosen for you readers by Google. As I understand it, Google's robots scan what I write. Based on what they see, Google then decides what sort of ads anyone reading this blog might like to view.

In a way, the robots tell ME what I am writing about. The few times I have mentioned motorcycle tires, ads for motorcycle tires have shown up.

The same thing has happened with motorcycle helmets and motorcycle jackets and motorcycle tools. Any mention of Harley-Davidson seems to trigger a nice display ad for Harley-Davidson.

On the other hand, I probably could write about chrome motorcycle exhausts and find my blog decorated by Harley-Davidson. The robots would make the connection. Except for tours of India, the robots don't seem to know what to make of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The temptation, naturally, is to write items that bring on more interesting ads. This is dangerous ground. My friend, screenwriter and wit Douglas Kalajian, frequently contributes to his wife Robyn's food blog, The Armenian Kitchen. Doug writes less about food and more about cultural issues and Armenian history.

The results can be jarring. Alongside the ads for great rice recipes, their food blog can feature ads offering to introduce readers to sexy Eastern European women. I would guess that the robots have a great many of these ads to place and will take any excuse, even gentle humor, to plop them down.

You have to pity Google's robots a bit here: while most readers of the food blog are likely to be women, apparently Eastern European men aren't sexy enough to be worth advertising. The robots can't serve up ads that don't exist.

This may explain why my blog is served with so few ads about accessories that fit Royal Enfield motorcycles. I don't know.

What kinds of ads would you like to see on this blog? Assuming your wishes relate to motorcycles, let me know. I will write about the subjects you suggest and we will see what we get.

Personally, I would like to see more ads for motorcycle accessories that fit Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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  1. Haha, rise against the Google droid machines, David. Did you mention Royal Enfield motorcycle accessories? If we say it enough, perhaps the robots will stop posting ads for motorcycles that are made in places that are not England or that other non British country where Royal Enfields are currently made. And why are there ads for television shows that are geared more toward people who are not guys, who watch depictions of anything besides custom Royal Enfield motorcycles being transformed into cafe racers or flat trackers or bobbers? :)


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