Friday, January 29, 2010

Selling your Royal Enfield? We know why

A Royal Enfield Bullet for sale in the Western United States is perfectly maintained, has only 1,100 miles and comes with a full-face helmet. I'd have listed it for sale on this blog except that the seller advertised it with a picture of somebody else's motorcycle.

"I don't have a digital camera," the seller admits. "It is the same model and color."

"Selling due to nagging wife."

There isn't much chance that his wife reads this blog. If she did, I wonder whether she would recognize either the motorcycle or herself in the ad?

My guess is no. So there is no danger.

Male motorcyclists seem to like demonizing their spouses in for-sale ads. We are a brave bunch, aren't we? We fear neither man nor beast, iffy electrics, flat tires nor sleeting rain!

But we know our limitations.

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