Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Royal Enfield 'Chrome' still just a glimmer

The Royal Enfield C5 with shiny fenders and tank, unveiled in India recently, isn't likely to be seen soon in the United States, I am told.

The "Chrome bike," as it is becoming known, has been shown to importers in other forms, with a different solo seat. If the design is not yet frozen, it can't go into production.

Besides, Royal Enfield's domestic production is sold out through May. There are waiting lists. Importers in other countries will have to fight for what they get.

Still, it's exciting to see Royal Enfield showing off potential new products and the company's heavy investment in the future means that new models should eventually come here.

I only wish they would use the name "Deluxe" instead of "Chrome"! To me, Deluxe seems old-fashioned, in keeping with tradition. Chrome implies showing off, and added weight.

One added thought about what a tease new model introductions can be: Remember January, 2007? The economy was great, and would be for another 22 months. I had a full-time job and more hair. It seems like a long time ago.

The Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car was announced in January, 2007. It won't go on sale (in limited numbers) until November, 2010 at the earliest and won't reach full production until 2012, GM says.

Now, THAT was tease.


  1. I'd be more optimistic. When they announced the Volt they didn't even know what batteries they were going to use. These bikes are not a huge departure from what Royal Enfield does, so they could produce them relatively soon. And reports claim they are mostly for export. But I wouldn't blame CMW for keeping things conservative in the middle of the iffy US economy of today.

  2. David, have you seen this: ?

  3. Don't know about the Chrome, but the Classic Battlegreen, which was presented at the same time, is announced for March delivery by Royal Enfield France. See here.


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