Friday, December 18, 2009

What is the best color for a Royal Enfield?

If I had won the raffle for the red Royal Enfield C5 Monday, I would have considered having it painted.

What?! Paint a brand new, and very attractive motorcycle? Why?

Well, because I think it would look great in burgundy. I have thought so, ever since a burgundy colored Royal Enfield won the "digital motorcycle show" contest on the Yahoo message group in July. Here's a picture of the winner:

I'm not usually sensitive to color, as my wife will confirm (she doesn't let me pick out a tie to go with a shirt, for fear of the result). But there is something about burgundy.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got my first look at the red C5 on display at the Los Angeles International Motorcycle show Dec. 5. It looked burgundy! Except it isn't, as the flash on my digital camera immediately confirmed.

The fluorescent lights of the convention center cast a green glow that, to my eyes, turned red into burgundy. The "daylight" quality of the flash fixed that for the camera.

The red C5 at the show photographed as red, because it is red, just like the motorcycle in the catalog picture.

Ahh, but not for long, thanks to my Photoshop program, which can alter the color. See how nice the C5 looks now?

Well, it does to my eyes, anyway. (Oops, looks like I missed a tad of the old red on the top of the shock absorber.)


  1. I couldn't agree more David. I much prefer the more muted colors. I was surprised at the new C5 blue and red colors. I like the new gray and black choices though. Cool burgundy concept!
    - Chris Bartlett

  2. I have to agree. When I first saw the new C5 on the Royal Enfield site I fell in love with the, what seem to be a burgundy version. I was diappointed when I saw real life pictures of the bike, it is RED. Bugger, bugger, bugger. The same thought crossed my mind. I was going to have to do a paint job on a new bike to satisfy my obsession with "maroon" vehcles. I own a burgundy 80 series Land Cruiser. It looks stunning when it just be washed and is standing out in the sun. I imagined what my Enfield was going to look like in my driveway just after it had been cleaned. Not going to look the same in Red. What a dilemma!

    It is tough enough trying to justify to the wife the need to buy a bike and then have to justify a respray it. :-{


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