Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Royal Enfield, horn, fail to scare jaywalker

If it was a cell phone ring tone, the noise made by the after-market horn on my Royal Enfield motorcycle wouldn't disturb the Sunday sermon in church. It's too quiet, and more of a wheeze than a warning. The factory horn was much better, until it fell off and was run over by a car.

My new horn failed to startle a jaywalking pedestrian into staying on the curb. In fact, the guy actually laughed and brazenly continued into the path of my moving motorcycle.

He had a lot more faith in my brakes than I did. So what if my motorcycle has a funny sounding horn? So what if you are carrying a full basket of laundry home from the Sudsy Duds? We could both get hurt here.

I used the new accident diagramming tool available on line from AccidentSketch to give you the visual picture. The web site was pointed out to me by my daughter Anna, who noted that the tool features a "motorcycle" image you can use in the diagram. You even get to choose the color of the motorcycle. I chose British Racing Green. A variety of other vehicles are available, too.

The drawing tool is easy enough to use, but the tool that lets you label the diagram uses a wimpy type face. I've beefed up the font so you can see it better.

Hopefully no one reading this will ever need to use AccidentSketch to document a real mishap. In my case, the pedestrian got away with laughing in the face of death.

Now I want to get my horn button linked to a Pedestrian Evaporating Ray Gun. Or maybe just a horn off a locomotive.


  1. Comments must have had a glitch. Got this email on the side:

    Hey David,

    The blog site wouldn't let me comment for some reason.

    You need a Stebel Ear Cannon horn. I got one each for my Royal Enfield and Triumph. That pedestrian would have jumped out of his shoes if you'd let him have it with one of those.



  2. I just purchased a Hella Supertone horn for my car because I couldn't honk at anything it was so wimpy. It would wire up to a bike pretty easy (one or both) if you have 12v electronics. together they rate at 118 db

  3. Anonymous12/05/2009

    Hilarious, dad!


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