Friday, December 25, 2009

I hope your holiday was a Royal one, too

Two of the nicest gifts I received this Christmas were gifts to charity in my name, from my daughters.

Anna contributed through Oxfam America's gift program to provide training for farmers in the use of organic manure. The gift certificate was adorned with a lovely photograph of exactly what you would expect.

The card went on to explain that organic manure increases crop yields and is safer than chemical fertilizers. I am all for that. Thank you, Anna.

Erin contributed a micro-loan through the Kiva program to a fellow named Froilan Pasok in the village of Sinonoc, in the Philippines. He is 42 years old, married, and has three school-aged children.

To make a living, Froilan provides motorcycle services to local community members. He needs the money to repair one of his vehicles. If his business is a success, the loan will be repaid.

I'd be satisfied with a handshake and maybe a ride, should I ever get to the Philippines. You can use the gadget here to make your own contribution to Froilan or another deserving person around the globe.

Happy Holidays!

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