Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Royal Enfield raffle date now Dec. 14

The drawing for a new Royal Enfield Classic 500 motorcycle will be Dec. 14. Chances are $25 (or two for $40). No more than 1,000 tickets will be sold by the Arizona school that benefits from the raffle.

The drawing was originally set for this Thursday, Nov. 12, but more weekends are needed to sell tickets, according to Marc Hayes, admissions director at the not-for-profit Caepe School. The new date will allow the school to offer tickets at a couple of biker events planned in Arizona.

You can still buy tickets online at the school's web site (as long as you're at least 18, a legal resident of the United States and NOT a resident of California). The rules are on line here.

The prize motorcycle is a red Classic 500, U.S. importer Kevin Mahoney told me. Usually referred to as the C5, this is a dramatically new, yet distinctly retro-looking new Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Its appearance is intended to remind you of a 1951 Royal Enfield Bullet, but it comes with electric start, electronic fuel injection, unit-constructed engine and a more modern frame painted in the body color.

It is the most expensive Royal Enfield model, at a suggested retail price of $6,850.


  1. Anonymous11/10/2009

    Good for them, bad for me who bought a ticket when the raffle began. Maybe I'll buy another two.

  2. I was told when I purchased a couple tickets that one of the parents at the school owns a shipping company, so as a gift to the winner, the bike will be shipped free to anywhere in the US.

  3. Anonymous11/11/2009


  4. Anonymous11/19/2009

    I'm okay with extending the raffle. The idea is to raise money for the school. I like the C5, so I hope I win it, but I also hope the school's fundraising project is successful.

  5. Anonymous12/16/2009

    Did anyone win the bike ?
    I think they had the drawing.

  6. Yes, it was won by Tom Jonovich, who bought two tickets.


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