Friday, October 2, 2009

Too much info in Royal Enfield FAQ

Rajeev, the seller of a Royal Enfield motorcycle in Herndon, Va., provides an amusing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section with his ad. I've edited it for length:

"I am writing down a little FAQ here so that I don't have to repeat again.

Q. Why am I selling this motorcycle?
A. I need MONEY. Simple. OK, I need money for the hair transplant surgery.

Q. Is the price negotiable?
A. Maybe, if you are willing to pay all cash at once.

Q. Has the motorcycle ever been dropped?
A. Yes, it has been. But, but let me explain. There is nothing wrong with bike. Bike looks and run great. There is a small scratch on the tool box, which you can buy for $30.

Q. Any problems with bike ?
A. No problems at all, bike runs great. This bike certainly turns lot of heads on the road. I have seen many people taking my picture at traffic lights with their iPhone. (Of course, when I am on the bike). Oh yes, another problem: the color of exhaust pipe has turned to blue (not all). All the maintenance has been done to motorcycle.

Q. Are the parts available easily ?
A. Yes, parts are easily available online, and there are many Royal Enfield dealers in all the states. Did I mention CHEAP parts?

Q. Can I come and do the test ride of motorcycle?
A. Of course you can, you are spending your money to buy the motorcycle. I would always test drive before buying any vehicle online but that's just me. OK, one more thing, just call me ahead of time.

Q. How much money has been invested on the bike?
A. Invested $4,500 for motorcycle another $600 for the Custom Kit. Oh, by the way, did I tell you I am throwing in motorcycle helmet, air pump, and battery charger? Alone these three things are $150. Oh, I also bought lower shocks for $120.

Q. Do you have more pictures?
A. I don't, but I will post them soon. Bit lazy. Not trying to hide anything.

Q. What's the maximum speed of this motorcycle?
A. Although the speedometer shows up to 120 mph, it will not go over 70 mph. (65 is idle speed). It's STYLE over speed baby.

Q. Do you think it's a good Investment ?
A. In future, people will be willing to pay more money to get their hands on this legend."

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  1. Anonymous10/02/2009

    Which part do you consider "too much information"? The part about the hair transplant or the question "has it ever been dropped?"


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