Monday, October 19, 2009

She rides a Royal Enfield fit for Tank Girl

Tank Girl rides a Royal Enfield Military model motorcycle in Seattle. That much we know. There is also reason to suspect that she might be the kind of girl you'd remember.

A fellow who actually saw Tank Girl (the girl, not the motorcycle) placed a personal ad on Craigslist in Seattle, trying to contact her. I mentioned the ad on this blog.

Sure enough, a sharp-eyed photographer named Ry Jones alerted me that he'd spotted the motorcycle and posted a picture on Flickr. He helpfully linked to another picture of Tank Girl's Royal Enfield by Qathi.

Qathi's comment: "I'll bet she's awesome."

No doubt she is. I'd love to hear from her myself, strictly for the sake of my readers, you understand. But the fellow who placed the personal ad had deeper yearnings. He wrote:

"Saw you at BackfireMoto in Ballard last night. I think you caught me staring a little too long, maybe you didn't notice. I happened to notice that you left on one of the bikes I liked most at the event — a Military Royal Enfield with 'Tank Girl' painted on it. Write to me, at least let me introduce myself. I was wearing a bright yellow shirt and black cargo pants."

Tank Girl rider, are you out there?


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  2. Your suggestion is a good one. And if I have made her feel uncomfortable in any way by posting this, I apologize. I saw it as just a happy story. The name "Tank Girl" is really appropriate for a Royal Enfield Military motorcycle, whether the rider is man or woman. There is no wonder it gets noticed, and photographed.

  3. From their site:
    "BACKFIREMOTO is the third Wednesday of every month. This month it is Wednesday, October 21st."

    Stay tuned!


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