Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restore or customize this Royal Enfield?

Not many people have the cash to buy a Royal Enfield or other vintage motorcycle without some clear idea what they want it for. But here's a man who bought a 1957 motorcycle and doesn't know whether he wants to restore it or continue its conversion to an old-fashioned bobber. "WVrider" is asking for advice on the XLFORUM discussion board.

"So I went to the big swap meet at Carlisle, Penn. yesterday and just knew if I saw something with two wheels that even looked halfway cool I would probably buy it. So this is it: a 1957 Royal Enfield Indian Chief that somebody started making a bobber out of. So I am asking for any opinions on which way to go with this bike. Go back to stock, for which all parts are with the bike, or keep on bobbing? Thought it would make a cool winter project plus I love anything built in the 50's. Thanks in advance for your input."

This motorcycle was briefly offered on eBay, so you may already have seen it on this blog. The eBay ad noted that the original parts were present. Some of the advice WVrider has received so far:

"There is a guy in Mumbai who does the whole chopper thing with them. 200 rear tire and all and they actually look pretty good. Personally, I'd put it back to stock like condition, but that's just my $.02 worth." -Chris Lacey

"I actually like the look of it the way it is." -Rlutsey

"I'm not patient enough to restore something, to me that takes a different kind of skill. I respect both (if done right) equally. Also, probably be more $$ if you go the resto route. If it were me (and going on what I just said above) I would bob/chop and have a great time with it; make it a rider." -Dagger Rider (whose on-line motto is "Ride It Like You Can Fix It!")

"It's junk. Send it to me before it causes you to go broke." -Flathead 45


  1. Anonymous10/07/2009

    Being an Enfield fanatic I would restore it. There weren't a ton of Chiefs made. If the stock parts were not available that would be different. Course if he likes the bobber look a restored Chief is not going to do it for him.


  2. Anonymous11/09/2009

    I agree with Georgr, If he is a bullet fanatic....RESTORE IT. Spare parts should not be a problem as i know many exporters who would deliver your requirement anywhere in the world.


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