Thursday, August 13, 2009

Royal Enfield tricycle sports a motor

Royal Enfield built bicycles before it built motorcycles and bicycle manufacture in England apparently continued throughout its history. There were standard bicycles and bicycles Americans would call "racers," with drop handlebars.

When Royal Enfield went out of business in Redditch, England, in 1967 the name was sold to a bicycle maker in Birmingham. This probably explains why many Royal Enfield bicycles seen in the U.S. appear to be newer than 1967.

One Royal Enfield pedal pusher seen in America is not a bicycle at all. It's a tricycle. Apparently well made, they typically outlast the legs of the senior citizens who buy them for neighborhood grocery shopping. They often come up for sale.

I couldn't resist showing you pictures of this one, which makes it into this motorcycle blog on the strength of having a motor. The side-mounted accessory drives the front wheel. Together with the ape hanger handlebars and slender single tube, step-through frame, the off-center motor gives the trike a delicate, ungainly look.

Nevertheless, it works, the seller says, and the big basket on the back looks as though it would hold a lot of groceries. The adult tricycle is for sale on CraigsList in Port Huron, Mich. for $250. Just needs a good cleaning, the seller says.

"I can't ride it, so I'm selling it," he adds.


  1. Nice find! Royal Enfield bicycles were manufactured in Birmingham until the early 1990's, see

  2. Jorge, you never cease to amaze me. How do you find this stuff? Check the link Jorge provides for a fascinating story of a fellow who built Royal Enfield BICYCLES in Birmingham -- and says they were the top of the line!

  3. i got one repainted years ago paint chiping and rusting nice desplay peice email me at

    1. Anonymous11/12/2023

      Do you know what exact colour of red is used on the Royal Enfield Tricycle I've recently acquired please.

    2. One suggestion I have heard is to take the bicycle to an auto body shop and ask them to match the paint for you. They will be specialists at perfect matches.

  4. Anonymous9/07/2010

    nice i found one exactly the same in quebec canada. I turned it into a choper trike for a freind. From what i can tell it was mas in 1950. if i had the money to buy it i wo
    uld. Ther making a come back. They are a rare find in this town. At 250 ther a bargain.ther worth the money spent on the purchase.

  5. shaun hall3/28/2011

    i found on in emmett idaho US. i paid 50 bucks and it looks exactly like this one

  6. Shaun, tells us more about it!

  7. Anonymous8/16/2012

    I just purchased a royal Enfield trike with a trailer for $75...taking pictures and looking for the serial number tomorrow....

  8. Anonymous11/07/2015

    I now have a pair of these tricycles. I know little to nothing about them and now wonder if I should think about restoring them. One has an unusual front wheel with an internal brake hub.


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