Friday, July 24, 2009

His Royal Enfield has tough, cool look

Nothing projects cool attitude like a motorcycle with a chip on its shoulder and this Royal Enfield certainly has that.

The pictures are from a reader who signs himself Vell from Singapore. His email address is "Vellezzy amazing" and his story is amazing.

"My bike started its life as a 500ES Military. Coming from Singapore the regulations here are really crappy. We don't have many vintage rides. We can't import them in, either, for road use. So it is like an 'achievement' here to get it done like this. Mine will be the only Royal Enfield in Singapore that looks like this, whereas the rest are all stock. Also we can't alter the frame to make it rigid or goose necking it. Sadly my hands are tied.

"The stuff I have done to my bike so far:

Custom built 6" stretched swing arm.
Changed rear suspenion.
Fabricated the rear fender.
Narrowed down the tank.
Relocated the fuel cap to the left.
Changed the pilot lights to t10 bulbs.
Dunlop k180 for the front and rear.
Changed to cone air filter
Sparto tail light.
Removed the front fender.
Seat base plate was custom built from aircraft steel and locally leather wrapped.
Paint job was done by Kustom Dimension, Singapore.

What I might do next:

Relocate the battery to air box.
Tidy up the wiring.
Change controls to vintage controls.
K&N filter.
Yoke with '50s style headlamp.

"The photos were shot at an old abandoned hospital (old Changi hospital)." The old Changi hospital is a famously haunted building in Singapore. It is a former army base and hospital from British colonial days, taken by force by the Japanese in World War II.

Vell wonders if a motorcycle magazine somewhere might be interested in featuring his creation. I would think so.


  1. Anonymous7/24/2009

    A thing of beauty. The B&W photos are beautiful too.

  2. Anonymous7/24/2009

    Great pix from an exotic locale! I love how this Royal Enfield thing is so international.

  3. Anonymous10/13/2010

    lol is that for sale???

  4. Anonymous6/30/2011

    This thing that u own looks nothing like a royal enfield...u've destroyed the charisma of it

  5. Anonymous7/06/2011

    ^ The charisma of any motorcycle is heavily dependent upon its engine. Differences in frame design, tank shapes, seat positioning and fender size among other aspects allow custom builders to create unique motorcycles that may look nothing like the original bikes... But the heart, soul and identification always comes down to its power source. This is an excellent custom Enfield!

  6. Anonymous9/28/2011



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