Friday, July 10, 2009

Digital motorcycle show; pick your favorite

The Royal Enfield Yahoo message board recently conducted an electronic motorcycle show, with members voting on their favorite entry. It was organized by "Shiner," a resident of the Orkney Islands, who explained that it was just a fun competition to enliven a quiet summer.

The winner has been chosen and, if you don't already know (the answer is at the bottom of this post), see which one you would pick. The competition, for a Royal Enfield mug, had no criteria whatever. Vote for the motorcycle you prefer, or vote for the photograph you like best. It didn't matter, Shiner said.

I found it awfully hard to choose either way. See what you think.

The winner was the burgundy motorcycle, No. 5. The voting didn't actually include No. 12, which missed the entry deadline, but I couldn't resist including this beautiful bike here.

Difficult, wasn't it?


  1. It was fun David, I entered mine with no real hope of actually winning, but to make the numbers up, and I love her anyway! I voted for the winner as it turned out, what a superb job the fellow made , simple and very effective. Im really taken with that look, it's 50's for sure.


  2. Thank you for the comment, Malc. What impressed me was how difficult the choice was. I don't envy the judges in real shows.

  3. You are a man of balanced views I can see Dave.

    Now, it was real easy for me to make a choice, a I couldnt vote for my own, or I would have. B, Im very predudicial against certain features, single seats for one, I hate em, and clubman tank seat configurations, the style of the lean burn engine, and dropped handlebars.

    When you have a very biased view, as I do, judging is a piece of cake, but sort of useless as it will be so unfair, it will ignore innovation, detail and quality ect just judge against what my eye dont like!

    Ironically I did pick the winner as it happens so is this method of judging common, and Im in a majority? I hasten to add I would never willingly become a show judge.

    Thank god for balanced and wise judges amongst us eh? :)



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