Thursday, June 4, 2009

Royal Enfield's trip to Bonneville on video

The video account of the record setting Royal Enfield Bonneville Bullet team is available now from Dan Holmes, the man who led the 2008 effort at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Packaged with a DVD slide show of still photos, it costs $30 (including shipping) and may be ordered through your PayPal account to

The video by itself is $25, with shipping.

The video teaser here provides a taste of the experience Holmes and his team had. Enthusiasm seemed to triumph over the usual racing challenges as the best made plans went awry. The team left Bonneville with their name in the record book.

Income from sales of the video could help fund a return to Bonneville, but that would no doubt depend on finding heavy duty sponsors for the attempt.

"We realize the economic times are uncertain and we are doing everything possible to go back one more time," Holmes writes.

"We have one more record to set and maybe we can do it, but we need your help! I have always emphasized that their is no I in team, this is a grassroots effort and we are hoping to write another chapter! Please do not consider this as a brag but I have been told our video is awesome for a first time home video! Please take a look! Dyno Dan."

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