Sunday, June 21, 2009

Royal Enfield's famous 'thump' sells itself

The camera is shaky, but the sound is wonderful and the emotion is heartfelt. A 2003 Royal Enfield Bullet for sale on eBay is advertised with this goofy yet enjoyable iPhone video. The seller kick starts the motorcycle, unleashing the wonderful thump of a Royal Enfield 500.

"OH YEAH," our cameraman exclaims as the Bullet fires up. It's the only dialogue in the short video but who needs to hear more?

In his ad the seller writes that the bike "Goes like the wind and hits turns on RAILS. Seriously fun bike to ride and own, and very unique. Don't buy it if you don't want to answer questions every where you go! This bike gets the Oooh's and Aahh's at bike night over the $30,000 Harleys.

"The bike knows that there is something that its tires roll on called 'ground,' but has never gotten even the briefest introduction to that hard unforgiving surface...

"Royal Enfields are special and unique bikes, but they are built from a time gone by and must be maintained, so plan on some minimal wrench time if you own one of these. Nothing to be afraid of as they are very easy for even the average Joe to maintain, but if you're afraid of grease or lubing a chain every now and again, this might not be the bike for you."

Nice bike, and I completely buy the seller's sincerity. The bike has 9,950 miles and is for sale in Oakland, Tenn.

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