Sunday, June 7, 2009

Royal Enfield is what this blog is about

Royal Enfield motorcycles are what this blog is about, and I can prove it. My daughter Anna showed me how to make a "word cloud" at

Wordle takes the words from any web site you enter and turns them into a "cloud" of mixed up words reflecting the contents of the web site home page. The resulting conglomeration may be a bit mixed up, but it strongly reflects the content of the site or the specific paragraphs you paste into Wordle.

I will stand by these words.

In my word cloud I used my post about why I chose to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle. You can read the words the way I wrote them here.


  1. :)

    I like that "back" and "time" are right next to each other

  2. I read the article David, and yes, it's all about an emotion. I like logic and respect it, but it is merely a single facet of our experience. The Bullet for me defies logic in a positive way, and never ceases to impress a feeling on me from day one to 3 years. Many machines over the years bike and car, have had their time, but it always wanes after a while. The bullet always makes me feel something, it is never a vacuum!


  3. Malc, well said. Just as an aside, did you ever notice how often people will point out what excellent gas mileage the Royal Enfield gets? Nothing wrong with that, not at all. But it's just not relevant to me. Like pointing to a favorite artwork on the wall and saying "and, the best part is, the frame was really cheap!"

  4. Thats a great example David, I would feel a lot better if the saying was, "and can you believe something this good was cheap to buy, and gives brilliant mileage"! This of course would also be true! ;)



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