Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Royal Enfield blog, with motorcycle photos

This blog has many photographs of Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in the United States. Some sellers provide wonderful, high quality pictures that make you wonder why they would ever sell such a magnificent machine. Others just post a snapshot, often poorly lit. Some don't even bother to roll the motorcycle out of the garage for the photo.

Shooting pictures in the confines of a motorcycle dealership can produce bad results, too, since the clutter of other motorcycles can be distracting. Sometimes the juxtaposition of another style bike with the old-fashioned Royal Enfield is startling.

That is the case with this picture, from a dealership advertising a Royal Enfield Military on eBay. A flashy, red, stylized fantasy chopper is in the background. The olive drab Royal Enfield, the ad emphasizes, even has painted crash bars (and rims and brake wheel centers) that, along with the olive drab panniers, seek to camouflage it.

But which motorcycle would attract more attention on a city street? Here in glitzy South Florida, fantasy bikes like the red chopper are as common as Chinese scooters. They strike me as rather desperate attempts to draw attention to the rider. In contrast (actually, in low-contrast olive drab), a Royal Enfield Military would almost stop traffic.

If not stop traffic, it at the very least, would slow it down, especially if it was in front.

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  1. Anonymous6/10/2009

    I always disliked these military versions of
    the enfield.. Though the more I look at it the
    better it gets..(Thats without the beer)...


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