Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parts on the way to fix recalled Enfield G-5s

Royal Enfield now has a plan for fixing G-5 motorcycles in the U.S. that are being recalled for a possible transmission fault. According to U.S. importer Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks, the fix involves adding clearance between two parts in the transmission.

"The factory has assembled repair kits and they are being airshipped from India," U.S. importer Kevin Mahoney announced on his Classic Motorworks Internet forum.

"We expect that we will have kits in dealers' hands within two weeks more or less. Dealers will make appointments with customers and do the repair. Of course there is no cost to the customers. We will also re-set the two year warranty to the date the repair is finished... Dealers and affected customers will get a government approved letter with all of the details within a week or so."

All the Royal Enfield motorcycles with the unit constructed engine (UCE) sold in the U.S. are being recalled, but Mahoney said the new C-5 and the Military G-5 just arrived in the U.S. are not affected "as they were manufactured after the last recalled VIN number."

This update only applies to the U.S., Mahoney stressed. Many more G-5s have been sold in Europe, which may complicate procedures.

He earlier explained that "the problem involves possible insufficient clearance between the mainshaft of the transmission and third gear. Third gear rotates all of the time on the mainshaft. There has been at least one case where a bike (not in the U.S.) had the gear seize to the shaft. When they replicated the problem at the factory the failure seemed to be preceded by a screeching noise."

Mahoney has urged owners of G-5 motorcycles to stop riding them until they're fixed.

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