Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thirsty for knowledge, or a Royal Enfield?

His 1907 copy of the Encyclopedia Brittannica, in the family since it was new, is up for sale. If you want it, it will cost you $850. OR you could trade your Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motorcycle for it.

That's the offer from the seller in Western Washington, who writes, on CraigsList:

"Almost 5 feet of world knowledge! This complete edition has been in the family since 1907. There are some water stains on some of the covers. This happened in the move from Oregon to Washington 30+ years ago. No mold. No torn pages. No writing inside. Leather bound. Colour - Maroon/Black - Gold embossed.The binding from the paper pages to covers is very good to excellent...

"I am not interested in trading (unless it involves a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet in which case I'll throw in my high school diploma... used very little)."


  1. amazing what you find on the internet

  2. Anonymous5/21/2009

    David, your blog has become part of my morning ritual of newspaper, online headlines, incoming email and my cup of coffee. One question that comes to mind and today as I read your post again I ask myself how do you peruse all the craigslist sites, (must be well over 100), and manage to extract all the Royal Enfield ads and stories of interest. Is there some secret search engine I am not aware of, if so let us neophytes in on the secret, I promise I won't stop reading your blog...and visiting your advertisers. Keep up the good work. Paul in Louisiana

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Paul. Easiest way I've found is to just call up and choose "advanced search." When the form comes up, fill in Royal Enfield where it says "all these words" and then, down where it says "search within a site or domain" fill in All best.

  4. Anonymous5/21/2009

    Google alerts are also a good tool!

  5. Anonymous5/21/2009

    I too read your blog every day and love the fact that Interceptors have creeped in !!!(wish I was Liquid enough) I know little about them but I am very interested in a twin in the near future to complement my Classic so thanks for your fortitude and obvious love of all things Enfield!JB

  6. Bonnie5/21/2009

    This is the greatest Royal Enfield item on Craigslist OR E-bay I have ever read. How damn quirky is that? About as quirky as the Royal Enfield enthusiast, I guess. So Apple thought they had an exclusive on folks who "Think Different." Nah. That breed belongs to Royal Enfields.


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