Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Royal Enfield gets Military model

The Royal Enfield Military model is very popular in the United States—some dealers tell me it is the most popular model they sell. They were disappointed when, at first, it appeared that the Military would be dropped from production as new bikes began to come off the line at the factory in Chennai, India.

Not so. There will be a Military edition of the new G5 model, with the new motor.

"We initially had a hard time getting the G5 in a Military configuration but we worked with REM and followed through aggressively knowing how many customers were eager for this model. I'm pleased to say that we will have some in stock shortly. The new G5 Military models do not have the engine guard bar or panniers, which gives them a simplified WWII-like look," U.S. importer Kevin Mahoney wrote in his recent newsletter.

"We've been selling new Bullet G5 models since the first of the year. The G5 is the first model to use Royal Enfield's new UCE engine with electronic fuel injection. The new engine is rock solid and offers incredible fuel economy (even better than the impressive mileage of the AVL Lean-Burn) and higher cruising speeds... The G5 models all have a front disk brake.

"Much like the AVL Bullets and the 1955 model Iron Barrel engine bikes before them, the G5 comes in the Classic, Deluxe and Military configurations. They are more expensive than the Lean-Burn, but they're the Bullet to have for those of you who want the latest and greatest," Mahoney writes.

The Royal Enfield G5 motorcycles are priced to start at $5,995 in the U.S. Military models have always been a bit more expensive than the Classic and Deluxe.


  1. As a Military Bullet owner, I LOVE the Military look, and am actually quite excited to see the new G5 Military. I was even toying with the possibility of a trade-in (though I'm not sure dealers would even accept trade-ins on the old iron barrels). However, I'd really have to see this bike first...not sure how it will look to me without the panniers, which, to me, are so emblematic to the Military model. Further, I kinda like the idea of having the iron barrel, the last of its kind, a dying Enfield breed, a piece of history.

  2. Anonymous6/12/2009

    Great to see the Military G5, but I love the metal panniers & roll bar. Please bring them back or make available as accessories.


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