Sunday, April 5, 2009

New pictures of homemade Enfield V-twin

Feast your eyes. Aniket Vardhan provided these close-up pictures of his homemade Royal Enfield V-twin motorcycle. The young man in Columbus, Ohio built his own Royal Enfield 700cc V-twin motor from two 350 motors. He installed it in a stock Royal Enfield Bullet 350 frame stretched to accommodate it, and went for a ride.
He shared the video of that ride last week with the world last week.

The still pictures provide a closer look at the machine Bulleteers online everywhere applauded. Some asked if Vardhan could build one for them. For the moment, his thoughts seem to be of how he'll finish this bike.

"Working on the pipes and mufflers right now -- definitely going to keep the vintage British V-twin aesthetic," he writes.

Vardhan is originally from New Delhi. He came to the U.S. in 1999 for a master's degree in Industrial Design. He left his job as an assistant professor of Industrial Design at an art and design school in Columbus in July, 2008 to pursue his dream of building his own Royal Enfield V-twin.

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