Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For sale: A nearly new 2000 Royal Enfield

A nice looking 2000 Royal Enfield Bullet on sale in Keenesburg, Colo. with only 696 miles on it caught my attention. Why so few miles? A nine-year break-in period seems a bit long. The seller kindly told me what he knows about the motorcycle, but much of the mystery remains.

Paul Volmer wrote:

"We bought the Enfield about 18 months ago -- it had about 500 miles on it at that time . The chap who sold it to us received it as a partial payment for some work he had performed -- he didn't have any additional information.

"We have other motorcycles that we ride with my sons and all the trips are 100-plus miles on highways (65 mph minimum). So, the Enfield gets ridden on special occasions -- when the county fair comes to the closest town, etc.

"The county fair has a car show that is well known: original GT350 Mustangs, beautiful hot rods, even a 1964 Ferrari last year. We don't enter the Enfield in the show but it always draws a crowd.

"We have several projects started and need two things -- less stuff and more money -- so the Enfield has to go."

The Bullet is a four-speed, kick-start only motorcycle, with saddlebags, service CD and the original double seat. Asking price is $2,150. Compared to what I paid for a new Bullet at the time, that is about half price! The ad is on CraigsList. Keenesburg is about 20 miles outside Denver.

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