Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carberry salutes man who built a V-twin

No one expects Aniket Vardhan and his homemade Royal Enfield V-twin to go into serious production against Carberry of Austalia, which has been working on a Royal Enfield V-twin it will market to the public.

Vardhan's motor, made from two Enfield 350s, is a soul satisfying personal triumph but not something he has so far offered for sale.

Still, it was great to see this comment, left on this blog:


Well done. All (4) of us at Carberry think what you have done is tremendous. A Herculean Effort. Congratulations. First production Carberry is on the road next month come what may so we know what you must have gone through to do what you have done.

Mike Floyd"

I checked with Carberry to make sure the comment was genuine. Guy Brown, at, assured me it was.

"Yes all of us at Carberry salute (him), well done."

Brown also attached Carberry's progress report for February. It concludes: "These machines are shortly to be released in Australia and shortly thereafter to the rest of the world."

Carberry's 1000cc V-twin Royal Enfield and Vardhan's 700cc V-twin are important because the answer the question so many Royal Enfield riders around the world have asked, sometimes after a few beers.

The question is: "Well, couldn't you just add more power by sticking another cylinder back here?"

The answer is: Yes you can, but it isn't easy. Royal Enfield fans were delighted when Carberry tackled the project and then posted video on its web site of the prototype running. There was actual astonishment when Aniket Vardhan, one man in Columbus, Ohio, managed to do something similar in a borrowed machine shop.

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