Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free: Advertise your Royal Enfield for sale

Individuals can advertise their used Royal Enfield motorcycles for sale in the United States right here on Royal Enfield Motorcycles. It's free. Just send me an email attaching a picture of the motorcycle, a 15-word description of the bike, its mileage and price. If you convince me you and your bike are real I will consider your ad for placement with the bikes you see for sale here, in the sidebar column to the right.

The usual tips and cautions apply. You must include a usable picture of the bike and ads that include mileage and price will be much more successful.

NOTE: I will show readers your email address as the way to contact you about the bike. Since I can't depend on you to let me know when the bike sells, I will remove the ad after 15 days (or so -- I am not a robot).

Space on this blog is not a problem so far, but, if it gets to be, I will give preference to ads for motorcycles I find most interesting. I already trawl eBay and CraigsList for Royal Enfield sales so, if you're already listed there you don't need to contact me.

Obviously, I have no connection to your sale but, as a courtesy to my readers, I ask that you do not ask me to list motorcycles that do not belong to you, for which you do not have a title, or that are not in good repair (unless you specify that).

I wouldn't make this offer if I didn't trust you guys, so let's all play fair. For the sake of order, my decisions will be final. Email your photo and information to

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