Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vintage motorcycle manuals offered on CD

A collector of vintage motorcycle manuals is offering his precious finds on CD for $9.99 plus shipping. It's an original idea and the YouTube video advertising the CD is enjoyable. A Royal Enfield motorcycle is one of the first images to come up.

The seller says the CD contains a full version of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, Third Edition, from 1948 and there is a U.S Army handbook on motorcycles circa 1953. It's fun to watch as the video flips through pages. According to the seller the CD is searchable, so finding your favorite motorcycles should be easy.

I have no connection to the seller and, since I don't have the CD, I can't tell you if it really is as good a buy as it appears to be. But watching the video is free. Take a look. The seller's web site is


  1. Anonymous2/26/2009

    People collect the strangest things!

    But do you think the tips and tricks in the vintage manuals are still useful for today's motorcycle owners?

  2. Hi David

    Can't find an email link on his website, if you have one can you ask if the CD (or an electronic copy sent by ftp, or something like yousendit, which is free) could be supplied to me in the UK?


  3. His site is "under construction" and he admits it's messy. I DID come across the email address
    I sent an email to that address asking for more info, but no reply yet.

  4. I DO think the info in the technical manuals would be of use, if you have an old motorcycle. I once took apart an MGA motor using a manual written for a different British car of the same era, and got it back together again, too. However, the real substance of the CD appears to be the kind of things that evoke fond memories.

  5. Anonymous2/27/2009

    It's a pretty low price tag for fond memories. :)


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