Monday, February 16, 2009

Spanish dealer showcases Royal Enfields

Royal Enfield dealerships around the world vary in appearance but few can possibly be as nice as the new facility in Barcelona, Spain. Borja Basso Bosch, general manager of Royal Enfield for Spain, shared these pictures with us. This is the dealership for Barcelona and the headquarters for Royal Enfield in Spain.

The showroom was created in June, 2007. It shows a real designer's touch and the photographs show it off to advantage. Basso recounts the progress the brand has made in Spain:

"Royal Enfield was managed by another distributor for eight years. During this time no money was invested in the brand, marketing, showrooms, promotions, or press. We were the dealership for Barcelona during two years. We sold more bikes in one year in Barcelona than the distributor in the rest of Spain. We prepared a good business plan and we took over the brand six months ago.

"Now we are introducing the brand from scratch. We have opened six new dealerships and launched a marketing campaign. Also we are selling bike trips in India.

"We will finish our new web site in February:

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