Saturday, February 7, 2009

Royal Enfield Yahoo groups split, but grew

Simon Carson (Racefreak) in 2004 picture.

In 2005 the Bullet-Mania Yahoo message board was founded as some members split off from the Royal Enfield Yahoo group. The cause was a squabble that some people took very seriously.

Both groups have grown and many people comfortably belong to both groups. Recently I congratulated the Royal Enfield group and its moderator Martin Walton on 10 years of service to the Royal Enfield community. I asked Simon Carson, a Bullet-Mania founder, for a comment. Carson, who signs himself "Racefreak," replied:

"Martin's group was extremely helpful to me when I first got my Bullet, giving me the basics in how to start one, (without breaking your leg/shin/ankle!!!) what not to worry about (brakes!!! ), how to do basic fettling and maintenance, and made me feel like I was part of a group of like-minded friends. So much so, that I set up Bullet-Mania, which is all about the same things... especially friendship and camaraderie (or just the madness of Bullets generally). I haven't got a Bullet just now, but am keeping an eye open!! ( I run a 1970 Triumph TR6, 650cc, right foot shift oil-in-frame, and absolutely love it... it even vibrates more than a Bullet!!)

"Send Martin my best wishes, you guys are welcome in Bullet-Mania anytime!

"Very best regards,

"Simon.... ( Racefreak... :o)) )"

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