Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everyone makes way for Royal Enfield

Everyone makes way, originally uploaded by Pilgrim On Wheels.

"Pilgrim on Wheels" posts many wonderful photos of Royal Enfield Bullets and his trips in India on Flickr. I was particularly amused by this shot, of his Bullet imitating the famous Royal Enfield television commercial that has a railroad train coming to a halt to let a Bullet cross the tracks.

"Everyone makes way for the Bullet" is the tag line of the commercial. For more images by Pilgrim on Wheels, see his Flickr album. Just click the image above and look around. You'll enjoy his sense of humor.

Also worth a look is his blog, "Earning My Quarter Mile" on Blogspot. It includes this report of a long-distance midnight ride to Mumbai.

Never seen the Royal Enfield commercial with the train? Here it is:


  1. Anonymous2/01/2009

    The fellow riding the bike is Siddatha Lal the owner of the company.
    Kevin Mahoney

  2. I had no idea. That is a swell detail to know. I love the spirit of this company.


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