Friday, January 2, 2009

Enfield riders take 'impossible' route

Five Royal Enfield motorcycles and video director Gaurav Jani take us on One Crazy Ride along uncharted roads in Northeast India. The five riders do an "impossible" route through the Arunachai Pradesh of northeast India without a film crew or back-up vehicle.

The trailer here is well worth watching to the end for a hair-raising look at a long suspension footbridge the team is about to ride across a deep gorge.

The format of One Crazy Ride is the same as Jani's well-know video Riding Solo to the Top of the World. Both are by Dirt Track Productions. These trips by Royal Enfield seem to define bare-bones adventure travel. There is no staff of chefs turning out gourmet meals, no support trucks full of mechanics to baby the motorcycles.

If you're shy about taking your Royal Enfield out on a rainy day, watch this trailer, and learn. One Crazy Ride will be available from Dirt Track Productions in February.


  1. whew! i can't believe this!

  2. those riders have BALLZ! The girl too!
    I'm still hoping, and waiting for the day I see someone doing a true RTW ride on a Bullet. hmmm... perhaps if I were independantly wealthy...


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