Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cycle World applauds new Bullet Classic

The Cycle World test of the new Bullet Classic C5 is on line now. The article by Mark Hoyer finds no super hi-tech computerized wonder overhead gizmos made of Martian alloys ready to challenge the 200-mph mark. In their absence, Hoyer is humbly appreciative of hydraulic push rods that elminate regular adjustments.

Cycle World also approves of the Bullet's unit construction engine and fuel injection. The effort expended to make the new Bullet look even older than the existing models gets an approving nod.

I would quarrel with this line: "Kickstarting was deleted from the list because Enfield found most customers weren't using it when it was fitted on past models that also featured e-start." Oh? E-start owners typically claim in message boards that they "hardly use it."

Cycle World found the oxygen sensor that juts out from the headpipe jarring, and didn't like the long, catalyst equipped silencer. Otherwise it was motorcycling in India, not the Enfield itself, that caused the most excitement. Hoyer had his foot run over in traffic.

All in all, a fun read. Cycle World quotes a price of $6,395 for the new Royal Enfield C5 Classic.

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