Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comfy ride for Enfield sidecar passenger

An exceptionally clean looking Royal Enfield sidecar rig has shown up on Flickr. It was photographed at a "Weekly Bike Meet" on the Isle of Wight Jan. 18.

The tug is a Royal Enfield twin. I'm guessing it is a Constellation. Note the auxiliary headlight! What a clever idea.

Motorcycle and sidecar look to have been well and lovingly used. The pictures were posted by Flickr user g1smy. Thank you!


  1. Beth and I think the sidecar is very nautical looking and totally adorable.

    - Erin

  2. WOW, just found my bike on your site and she is still on the road today, the Enfield behind is the Wife's bike

    Tim IoW

    If you want to have more pictures and an article for your website you can get in contact with us at

  3. Would love to see and hear more about your combination but my browser won't take me to the link you provide? Please drop me an email at


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