Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Racer' shows Royal Enfield can be sexy... and its builder says it can go 101 mph!

Cory Grunkemeyer, of Denver, Colo., has posted pictures of a lovely Royal Enfield "racer" on Flickr. The machine was created by Dave Barker, 29, whose Speed Metal Shop in Denver has the motto: "twisted steel and sex appeal." That certainly defines this machine.

Dave Barker kindly provided more information about the bike:

"I was inspired by the old board track bikes, I've always liked them. From the tall skinny tires to the down turned bars I wanted to build a bike like that. The bike is much lighter now and handles really very well. I rode it all the way to the Strugis, S.D. motorcycle rally and back last August from Denver, Colo. The bike did fine. The voltage regulater went out and was my only problem.

"RE guys never believe me but the bike topped out at 101 mph according to my friend's speedo! I averaged about 70-75 the whole way. I hand made the tank, headset cover, rear fender, 4-inch longer swingarm, struts, hand shift lever, and lots af little parts. The wheels are custom made 21-inch front and back and are aluminum."

You can contact the Speed Metal Shop at 375 E. 55th Ave., Denver, Co 80216. Phone is (303) 619-5693.

I love the hand shift and board tracker handlebars of Barker's bike. It may not be practical or as safe to ride as the original, but it is gorgeous. The instrument panel on the casquette is neatly covered. The rear brake pedal is on the right. The Model A brake light (on the right, near the license plate) is a great touch.

Barker's MySpace page has pictures documenting the production of the custom gas tank. It also has a picture of Steve "Shooter" Benth doing the lettering and pin striping of the tank.

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