Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Artist rides his Royal Enfield into the past

Chris Bartlett says he rides "a 1955 Royal Enfield made in 2003." That may help explain his obvious interest in using it as a prop in pictures that look old-fashioned. Except for the tiny date printed on the picture above (just as photo labs used to do in the 1960s) it would be very hard to identify it as an image from 2008.

"I can't get enough of this bike. It's so much fun to ride. The sound, the rumble, the smell of vintage iron," Chris comments. The "look" naturally must appeal to him as well. Check out his album of pictures of the bike here.

Bartlett is an artist who in 2005 landed a job with a video game company by dressing as a Star Wars Imperial Storm Trooper to deliver his resume. To do so he had to walk into an office building that also housed the FBI, carrying a realistic looking Lewis gun prop. That story is on his web site here.

In his photo albums you'll also come across pictures of the C-3PO costume he created and wears for events for LucasFilm.


  1. Holy smokes! I actually had seen this guys web page several years ago. I had no idea he was an Enfield dude too!

    OK - so my question is this: how long until we see that Bullet transformed into one of those Imperial speeder things like in Episode VI?
    and that interview story..

  2. That's funny. Oddly, I had a real feeling of deja vu when I came across the Star Wars story. The Internet is a weird place sometimes. In any case, it's clear this fellow has an interest in evoking other times and places. He's good at it, too.

  3. THIS is the kind of guy who rides Royal Enfields. They should put him in their ads.

    Do they have ads?

  4. I've written about advertising campaigns, including the Enfield Girl, on this blog. Royal Enfield India has done a series of ads in India focusing on distinctive owners and this young man would be perfect for that should the series expand to the U.S. But Kevin Mahoney, of Classic Motorworks, the U.S. importer, is on record as to the effect that advertising doesn't translate directly into sales. So he may stick with word of mouth.


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