Friday, December 12, 2008

Royal Enfield announces 2009 prices

2009 prices for Royal Enfield Bullets in the U.S. are set, according to Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks, the U.S. importer. The Suggested Retail Prices are for the Lean Burn engined models now available; for the coming Unit Constructed Engine G-5 (which looks like the current Electra but has the new combined engine-transmission); and for the C-5, the new retro model, which also has the UCE engine.

He posted these prices:

Lean Burn Engine models
$5,349 - Classic
$5,449 - Deluxe
$5,545 - Military
$5,745 - Electra

Unit-Constructed Engine models
$5,995 - Classic G-5
$6,095 - Deluxe G-5
$6,395 - Classic C-5

These prices do not include shipping, set-up and taxes, Mahoney said.

Royal Enfield will move to all UCE engines in the U.S. in 2010, Mahoney said. 2009 also will be the last year for bikes without front disk brakes. The G-5 will have a UCE engine with kickstart, but the C-5 UCE engine will be electric start only.

"If you want the traditional Royal Enfield this is the last year that they will be available, better get one before they are gone. As you can see there is also a substantial price difference between the Lean-Burn Bullets and the UCE Bullets," Mahoney said.

The G-5 will not be available as a Military model initially, but that will come in 2010, he predicted.

The C-5 will be available in late spring (best case), Mahoney said.

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